Day 176 | Yellow-Eyed Penguins

Second blog for today! We drove back to Dunedin today and saw the yellow-eyed penguins. They are very rare and we were very lucky to see seven in total, whereof two up close. They are really cool. They are very to themselves and 'highly independent'. We were allowed to take pictures and we also saw … Continue reading Day 176 | Yellow-Eyed Penguins


Day 171 | Oamaru &picture update

Today, after a very long drive, we arrived in Oamaru. We saw the lovely little blue penguins at the Oamaru colony. They were as cute as they were in June when I was here with Bas. My mom and I are staying at a motel with functioning internet (yay!). So here are the photo's we … Continue reading Day 171 | Oamaru &picture update